Digital Literacy Program

This course offers the fundamental knowledge that anyone needs to participate actively in the digital society, improve their work skills and implement new tools that will enhance the efficiency of their jobs or businesses. The participants will learn to work with the Cloud and to use applications/app like word processors, spreadsheet, and creator of presentations, and some others.

Free classes in August, 2021 are available here!

Microsoft Certification Word

This course is available to clients that wish to pass the professional certification exam of Microsoft Office Administration. In this way, people can compete for better-paid jobs or start a service company specializing in the tools that Microsoft offers today.

Post Millennium Skills

This course offers the knowledge, for employee and a business owner, that is needed today to make a business more efficient. Office 365 provides web tools that allow access to mail, documents, files, and to work collaboratively from almost anywhere and with any device. 365 tools it offers help to work how, when, and where it is required. Also, it increases and facilitates the exchange of information, the collaborative work that helps a company to respond promptly to important business requests.

                Level 1 – basic level course (creating a digital portfolio in Word)

                Level 2 – intermediate level course (focusing on data visualization)

2019 PMDS & DLP Graduation

HEDC wants to congratulate all the students for their hard work and dedication.