Business. Family. Community. The Hispanic Economic Development Corporation of Greater Kansas City has a simple mission: to increase economic opportunity for the under-served Hispanic and Latino population of the greater Kansas City metro area. We accomplish this through programming that focuses on strengthening existing minority-owned small businesses, cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit of start-ups. HEDC is the only area-Community Development Corporation (CDC) offering economic development initiatives purposefully designed to address the needs of the Kansas City area’s most under-served small-business community. HEDC provides a bilingual and multi-culturally-sensitive approach in assisting current and aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve financial stability. Since tracking data, more than 3600 individuals have participated in more than 40,000 hours of combined training related to the planning, start-up, and growth of small businesses. During this time, HEDC has helped facilitate the start-up and growth of more than 600 local small businesses. HEDC, through its mission and vision, aligns with AmeriCorps VISTA’s priority for programs that create economic opportunities to low-income individuals. This year, HEDC will launch its new Center for Urban Enterprise facility in the Westside neighborhood, expanding its services to include co-working spaces and additional workforce development programming.

“Like a lot of Americans, I have felt frustrated by the state of civil discord in the US. I decided to apply myself something useful. I wanted to do some good. AmeriCorps is the service opportunity I was looking for. As a VISTA I am able to use my professional skills to do meaningful and satisfying work. I am in a part of the country I’d never visited, meeting diverse, yet likeminded people. There are plenty of things that we all agree on: Poverty is bad. America is the land of opportunity. Together, we can get things done. “

– Megan Mooers, HEDC Programmer Analyst & Former AmeriCorps VISTA

AmeriCorps VISTA Service Opportunities:

HEDC VISTA – Sustainable Development Collaborator – Contribute to launching sustainable businesses and planning sustainable communities in Kansas City. The VISTA will help our organizational development as well as neighborhood development strategies.

HEDC VISTA – Westside Neighborhood Development Coordinator – Build prosperity and foster community in KCMO’s Westside Neighborhood. VISTA will be on the ground and at the meeting table, learning and sharing vital information with local stakeholders.

HEDC VISTA – Financial Program Specialist – Work with aspiring and current entrepreneurs in jump-starting, developing, and bettering their small businesses by offering tailored services, workshops and classes.

HEDC VISTA – Digital Resource Coordinator – Build the organization’s capacity to reach clients with technologies; consolidate digital footprint, creating easily digestible documents; and connecting clients and stakeholders.


Learn more about AmeriCorps, and the Corporation for National & Community Service. 


In the News...

KC Hispanic News, Thursday Sept. 19, 2019

On Sept. 11, 2019, VISTA Volunteer Coordinator Kiersten Johnson organized the HEDC team’s participation in the National Day of Service. Instead of their normal office work, the VISTAs went to nearby Gage Park and met up with KC Parks and Recreation employees to pick up litter and clear brush. Gage Park is one of the jewels of the Westside neighborhood. After the cleanup, we had a cookout with the Westside neighborhood community police officers, who expressed their gratitude for this initiative, which was featured in the KC Hispanic News the following week.