Equitable Neighborhood Development

“Westside Equitable Neighborhood Development Initiative” – 18-month planning initiative to support residents and businesses in the Westside neighborhood – facing the pressures of potential displacement. The goal of this project is to work with the Westside neighborhood in developing resources focused on community organizing and policy development and advocacy – among other resources that we hope can strengthen equity in the Westside.

Southwest Blvd Development Corp

Planning Sustainable Places – “West 31st Street Corridor” – In partnership with the City of Kansas City, MO, and supported by the Mid-American Regional Council, the “West 31st Street Corridor” project will seek to develop a transportation/mobility plan for the project area (West 31st Street, SW Boulevard to SW Trafficway).

Southwest Boulevard Community Improvement District (CID)

Similar to homeowners or business associations, HEDC organizes  the business and will serve as the contracted manager for the CID.  The CID allows property owners to organize and coordinate efforts to beautify, improve and develop their neighborhood in an effective manner. CIDs provide several options to pay for desired improvements and services. CIDs may impose special assessments, property taxes, fees, and/or a sales tax, depending upon how the CID is organized.   A CID can also leverage other funding sources to pay for the additional services and improvements.